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University of Saskatchewan
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POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

Canada and the United Nations January-07-13 9:31 AM Topics discussed until next "section:" - The Post-War World - Debating the Golden Age - Canada's Role in the Formation of the UN - Canada and the Korean War - Canada and the Suez Crisis The Post-War World - Canada's current strong, stable, national, majority Conservative government has a foreign policy that is similar to post-war policies. ○ Foreign policy is often driven by "moral" (ideology and what the party believes) policies. - Tensions ○ There's a huge fight… and that fight involves what matters.  Is it about the individuals?  Is it about historical forces?  Regardless of ideology, we are still "moving forward." - Simplicity not a style ○ Within two large streams of thinking, there are multiple smaller streams of thinking. - The landscape. ○ Germany and Japan have been occupied. ○ France and Great Britain's influence has been reduced. ○ The United States and USSR are now super-powered. ○ Canada is amongst the powerful nations after the two super powers. - Traditional great power structure that had been in place since 1815 in Treaty of Vienna is gone. ○ Traditional powers that had dominated the world for past 150 years are greatly diminished, occupied or reduced to "rubble." ○ Germany is largely divided with different allies "occupying certain "zones." ○ Great Britain is no longer a major power. It becomes a "junior power" in a larger partnership with the United States. As a result, Canada is soul- searching. ○ Canada emerges as a stronger power.  Canada's navy is the third largest in the world, with the fourth largest air force.  Canada was never bombed and Canada's economy got to grow without worrying about bombings. □ North America is the only region that didn't suffer from the physical effects of the war.  As a result of this, Canada eventually strengthened its "partne
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