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Political Studies
POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

Canada and the United Nations, continued. January-11-13 9:35 AM Canada and Suez Crisis - Pearson plays a large role, but does not solve issue. He does come up with a partial solution… it's the U.S. that eventually solves this issue. - After 1945, the Middle East, which had essentially been under European colonial control, is free and decolonized. ○ The colonial boundaries that existed in the Middle East, such as Syria, Palestine, Iraq… these borders don't make any sense.  They exist… their borders just didn't make sense. ○ The Middle East was likely going to be a mess.  The creation of Israel would make things worse.  This is where Canada comes in, as Canada played a role in the creation of Israel. ○ For years, Jews had hoped for a Jewish state.  Jews did not have a homeland for over 2,000 years.  Anti-Semitism was rampant in Christian Europe for over 1,000 years.  This whole area was controlled by the British, who are now facing a rebellion by the Jewish membership.  The British had no interest in policing the situation after World War II, which then turned things over to the UN (First United Nations Emergency Force). □ Canada was a part of this "force."  One of the options was a federal state. □ Canada rejected the idea of a federal state. □ Two explanations:  The "bad" one: ◊ We're an American ally… Canada wanted an American ally and Canada believed it helped Canada. ◊ It's a Cold War thing… pure "real" politics. It's all about the realism.  The "better" one: ◊ From a realist standpoint, this has worked well for Canada. - Egypt ○ Over in Egypt, a former British colony, it was a unilingual country, with the exception of Coptic Christians. ○ It is largely homogenous. ○ Both British and French companies maintained control of their assets in Egypt.  Business interests were tied to the state. ○ Suez Canal is built by British and French companies.  British and French hold control. ○ Aswan Dam  Gamal Abdel Nasser seeks assistance for the construction of the dam?  In addition to the construction of the dam, Nasser wants to modernize Egypt's military… so he seeks assistance. □ The U.S. refuses. □ USSR provides weapons… and the U.S. is upset.  Accepting aid from a Soviet country means you're a Soviet ally, making you an enemy to the United States.  Nasser is enraged… and promises to nationalize the Suez  Nasser is enraged… and promises to nationalize the Suez Canal to the chagrin of Britain and France. ◊ British and French pride is deeply hurt.  In response to nationalizing the Suez Canal, the British and French block Israeli access to the Red Sea, despite the insistence of the U.S. not to. ◊ They had to come up with an excuse, and they apparently approach Israel about Israel invading Egypt. ◊ Americans are furious once this happens… and would eventually force Britain and France to leave. ◊ Canada is also fu
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