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Canada and Mali

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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

Canada and Mali January-16-13 9:28 AM The conflict in Mali suddenly became relevant. Here in Canada, the story on Mali is different. - John Baird (Minister of Foreign Affairs) says it won't happen. - Peter MacKay (Minister of Defence) says it might happen. - Prime Minister Stephen Harper said a Globemaster III plane would be there for a week. - Mali's president tweeted… thanking Canada for the involement. - The French ambassador says that it was a plan to push Canada into getting involved for more than a week. Mali is a landlocked, West African nation. - Mali is a former French colony. ○ This would be largely important. ○ Canada is wanted in the country in the conflict, as French is one of our official languages (we would have bilingual tropops?). ○ Note: many countries in Africa have adopted the language of their former colonizers (ex. Mali adapting French). - Like virtually all nations, Mali is a collection of different ethnicities. ○ Tuaregs in the North have been fighting for years. - Canada is connected to the situation due to our heavy involvement in Libya. ○ Canada contributed a number of CF-18 flights and were publicly thanked for punching above our weight. ○ On the surface, it looked like everything worked out well. ○ Below the surface, Gadhafi had supplied the Tuaregs with weapons for them to achieve independence. - In Northern Mali, various rebel groups, mainly Tuaregs, overthrew the democratically elected government. ○ This in part led to the "War on Terror." ○ Tuaregs were overcome by M
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