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Canada and the Cold War

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Political Studies
POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

Canada and the Cold War January-25-13 9:34 AM Topics to discuss in the next little while: - Decolonization - Cuban Missile Crisis - Peacekeeping Cold War - A number of geopolitical events occur that will affect Canada's place in the world, and they're related to each other. - In many ways, the Cold War was a new system of power. ○ It had moved from a bi-polar to a multipolar system because other countries had been devastated (Japan, France, Britain, etc.). ○ It affected Britain and France the most, leaving Canada in a real quandary, as we were allied with Britain while being "friends" with the United States. - Africa and Asia underwent massive decolonizing after the British and French are pressured by the United States decolonize. ○ Canada agrees, but doesn't want the Commonwealth disappear either, because we want to be openly broad while remaining "loyal" to the United States.  Canada eventually joins the Francophone and remains in Commonwealth. ○ This eventually explains our attitude towards South Africa and our role in breaking a logjam at the United Nations. - Since 1955, the U.S. and Soviet Union have continually blocked each other's efforts to introduce new nations into the UN… largely to stick it to each other. ○ Canada comes up with a new proposal: we get a bunch of smaller nations on board, angering the U.S.  Eventually, the U.S. accepts the expansion of the United Nati
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