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Canada and NATO, Part 2

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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

Canada and NATO, Part 2? January-23-13 9:32 AM There are some things that can lead to "Mission Creep." - None of the political parties in Canada have actually opposed intervention, as it fits into our narrative as peacekeepersand good international citizens. ○ It's hard to say no. ○ In a similar vein to Afghanistan.  Liberals, ProgressiveConservativesand Canadian Alliance supported mission.  It really drained our military. ○ At one point, Canada thought of giving the military a one-year leave to rebuild in 2011. ○ Our system virtually guarantees that one party can make decisions unilaterally. ○ In Israel, Netanyahu won re-electionbut his majorityis gone. NATO/NuclearOption - Diefenbaker accepts military vehicles that are capable of transporting nukes. - Howard Green, as well as public opinion, is largely anti-nuclear. ○ Liberals are also anti-nuclear. - The Liberals had been led by Louis St. Laurent, who made Lester B. Pearson his Minister of Foreign Affairs. ○ The Liberals failed to win in 1957! ○ From 1920 and 1948,the Liberals were in power for all but six years. - Pearson is firmly anti-nuclear. ○ As long as he is oppositionleader, Diefenbaker can safely backtrack on his stance on nuclear weapons. ○ 1960-61:Diefenbaker has change of heart and decides that nuclear warheads are ghetto. - John F. Kennedy (JFK) and the American administration called Diefenbaker a liar. ○ JFK was what Obama is to Canada right now. ○ JFK was revered in Canada and was considered to be the best popular politician in Canada, even though he was a lame American Democrat. ○ The Americans release informa
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