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Canada and NATO

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Political Studies
POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

Canada and NATO January-21-13 9:33 AM News update: France has managed to get some countries to join the NATO mission in Mali. NATO In 1949, various nations of NATO got together and signed an offensive treaty. - In 1949, it is a paper treaty. ○ Eventually, it becomes an organization. - During the Korean War, there is sort of a recognition that the Communist/Soviet threat is militaristic and not subversive. ○ NATO transform from a treaty alliance to an organization. ○ It will have a centralized command. ○ Eventually, a NATO brigade was created. - In 1951, a brigade was created with Canada being a contributing country. ○ From 1954 until 1993, it's the same brigade… they just rotated elements through it. ○ Canada's military brigade would be the fourth contribution. ○ Canada contributes militarily, but must expand after decreasing it.  Mackenzie King was responsible for this. ○ Before the Korean War, Canada's troop count was down to 35,000 and over 100,000 after 1954. Canada supports a transformation of NATO. - ○ We have a massive increase in the size of the military. - Canada has embraced the idea of rearmament and becoming a military part of NATO. ○ In terms of land forces, there is a conventional force gap between the eastern block and NATO. ○ There are tactical nukes and "strategical" nukes.  You drop "strategical" nukes on cities.  Tactical nukes are smaller and are dropped on small groups of people.  There is a conventional force gap. □ Conventional forces are much smaller than NATO forces. □ In order to combat the conventional force gap, it was determine
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