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Canada and the Cold War, Part 3

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Political Studies
POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

Canada and the Cold War, Part 3?! January-30-13 9:32 AM Mali update: Canada has pledged $13 million in aid for the country. Pearson was instrumental to bringing the UN into peacekeeping into international acceptance, and Canada participated in it.  If fit really well into Canada's strategy.  It helped expand the UN?  Peacekeeping fits Canada's desire to work with the UN and to see it outside of the Cold War, as well working with allies and using multilateralism.  Furthermore, because we were most influential, we were the first to get phone calls for peacekeepers in the '50s and '60s. o Today, Canada is not a major contributor to peacekeeping missions.  The switchover from St. Laurent's Liberals to Diefenbaker's Progressive Conservatives do nothing to change this.  Cyprus becomes independent in 1960 after gaining independence from Great Britain. o This will lead to Canadian involvement in Cyprus. o Note: Cyprus has a long history of being conquered by others. o What's worse for Cyprus is its proximity to Turkey feels very protective of its Turkish minority in Cyprus. o When Turkey gets out, Cyprus drafts a
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