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Canada and the Cold War, Continued

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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

Canada and the Cold War, Continued January-28-13 9:30 AM Decolonization Cuban Missile Crisis Peacekeeping The Malian intervention is highly popular in France. Cuban Missile Crisis Diefenbaker helps lead the charge.  Commonwealth should be a place without racism.  Commonwealth creates something, only to have it voted against. African and Asian nations  Canada did not seek full independence until 1949.  Up until 1949, you could still overturn rulings from the Supreme Court of Canada. The paradigm of the Cold War  The idea of a bipolar world "infects" the world at this time. Cuban Crisis  Very corrupt dictatorship by Fidel Castro's Rebel of Movement… and Castro was not initially a Communist movement.  The United States was the first country to recognize Castro's government as legitimate, followed by Canada.  Eventually, things go sour, when Castro begins to shift LEFT.  American ownership of Cuba is massive and the mob was involved, heavily.  Cuba was heavily owned by American investors and Castro wanted to appropriate them… so Castro turned to the Soviet Union for help.  The possibility of nuclear missiles in Cuba was considered unacceptable by the United States.  Americans are pushing Cuba with an economic embargo. o They came to Canada.  Canada has close ties to Cuba.  In fact, Scotiabank and RBC had branches there. o Eventually, Castro flies to Canada to meet the prime minister, who refused to meet with Castro. o The U.S. called on Canada to end relations with Cuba, and Canada refused to do so, economically.  Americans are upset.  However, we do limit strategic resources and we refuse to allow the trade of weapon.  Canada's position hasn't changed to this day.  Eisenhower o Eisenhower and Diefenbaker got along famously. o Diefenbaker had enormous respect for Eisenhower. o Cont
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