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Turbot War

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Political Studies
POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

Feb. 15, 2013 February-15-13 9:38 AM Mali Update - Canada has officially extended its mission in Mali for at least another 30 days. In 1995, 500 Canadian troops were stationed in Haiti as part of a UN force to assist the Haitian government following the re-establishment of civilian control. - Similarly, we are "good" in Mali, as we can speak French… Turbot War - This war ended up being about fish. - There was a huge concern about dwindling fish stocks. - The Spanish continue to fish heavily, but they are fishing outside of Canada's territorial waters. ○ Canada, however, says they must stop and it sends a ship to stop a vessel.  They were using nets considered illegal in Canada.  The vessel cut the net and ran for it.  The vessel was towed to Canada. ○ This led to Spanish and Canadian conflict. Operation Megaphone - The Balkan situation in 2000 is winding down. - Canadian forces are now being withdrawn from the Balkans. - We have a problem: we don't have a way of bringing Canadian troops home. ○ An Ame
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