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Post-Cold War Security

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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

Post-Cold War Security February-13-13 9:46 AM R2P: Responsibility to Protect. - It is the idea that the international community has an obligation to protect citizens who are not being protected by the government, or are systematically being attacked by their government. - State sovereignty is dominant. ○ Every individual state is responsible for their own affairs. ○ A government can lose its legitimacy if it violates human rights… example: killing one's own people. ○ If you can do something about this, it is now an obligation. - Sovereignty was the dominant norm throughout the Cold War. ○ Realistically, ideology was the defining norms of war. If you were not Communist or your ideology didn't clash with world powers, such as the U.S., they'd leave you alone. - Communication technology ○ Communication technology, such as the rise of cell phones, made it impossible to "hide in the sand." - Somalia would also prove to be important to the development of R2P wi
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