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Political Studies
POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

Cabinet: Continued March-20-13 9:33 AM ****************** Role of Cabinet Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of Defence Other Ministers ****************** Cabinet - More often than not, any major issue will tend to overlap into another department. - Other cabinet departments can include Sports, Fisheries, Public Safety. Minister of Foreign Affairs - Current minister is John Baird. - It is the most prestigious post in Cabinet outside of being prime minister. ○ It's often the post that people want. - IT SERVES A NUMBER OF DIFFERENT PURPOSES: ○ It can bring a rival into play. - Original name: Secretary of State for External Affairs. - When Chretien became prime minister, he renamed the position as "Minister of Foreign Affairs." - Foreign Affairs goes all the way back to the initial creation of Canada. ○ The primary concern for the first several decades of Canada was the
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