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Cabinet Division Between Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs

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University of Saskatchewan
Political Studies
POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

March 22, 2013 March-22-13 9:32 AM Cabinet: Division Between Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs One of the benefits of having a minister in for a significant period of time: if that minister chooses, they can pick specific foreign agendas. They can take their thing and run with it. - A good example is Lloyd Axworthy's doctrine on human security. - The Axworthy Doctrine: ○ The belief that Canada could exert influence on the world using soft power in the area of human security. ○ Soft power initially became the new thing. ○ The thing about human security is that it's a great sell to your own people and people of other countries.  It's a much harder sell to governments (particularly strong, large governments). - Budget cuts ○ In the mid-90s, huge, deep, budget cuts occurred under the watch of the Liberal government (according to current government:
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