POLS 205 Lecture Notes - Big Country, Western Economic Diversification Canada

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Published on 12 Oct 2012
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Political Studies
POLS 205
POLS 205
Considering Canada‟s Political Future
- Why are politics in Canada so regionalized?
o People in Canada generally won‟t care about what happens in another region of
their country.
- What, if anything, could be done to make Canadian politics less regionalized? What are
the barriers to such changes?
- How does regionalism shape Canadian politics?
Multiple Causal Factors
- Institutions
o Intrastate federalism
Institutions matter
Starts in House of Commons
MPs generally vote along party lines
Number of MPs for each province/territory is different.
Helps promote regionalism, as they are only worried about their
only province
o Electoral system
Block voting seems to occur
o Policy choices
Department of Regional Economic Expansion was created by Trudeau in
Was dismantled in the 80s
Western Economic Diversification was created
o Geography/political economy
Big country with low populous density
More population means more representation in the House of Commons
(population distribution)
Feds may pay more attention to the larger provinces
Bigger population means bigger tax base
o Can regionalism be “fixed?‟
What can be done to make Canadian politics less regionalized?
Senate/constitutional reform?
National policy initiatives can be created in an attempt
Institutional reform?
National identity
o With more and more immigration, national identity is an
issue. We need to work
What are the barriers to these changes?
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