POLS 251 Lecture Notes - Stonewall Uprising, Gay Liberation

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Published on 25 Jan 2013
Political Studies 251
January 23rd 2013
read chapter 4 36-41
Distinguish “leader” from “an organizer”. What is the significance of “an organizer” according to
A form of why movements come around
key person in the organization structure within the networks
Stonewall Uprising
Gay Liberation Movement Discussion Questions
1. What does the Stonewall represent as a symbol? What is the purpose or function of the symbol
as it is tied to the gay liberation movement?
2. Explain the significance of a “symbolic act”. What is its purpose or function?
3. Where does history fit with respect to understanding social movements? What is the purpose to
“taking stock” of a social movement (as the roundtable discussion seems to illustrate)?
4. What do you suggest is significant about the political discussion that takes place among the
various elements of the gay liberation movement in the Charlie Rose discussion? What does it
reveal about the challenges that movements face?
5. Explain the two features of gay liberation that D’Emilio suggests, “accounted for its ability to
avoid the decline that most of the other mass movements of the 1960s experienced.”
6. In what ways did the New Left and women’s movement spur the development of the gay
liberation movement?
7. In what ways have gay “subculture” become part of mainstream culture. Explain how this taps
in to understanding the broader concept of political and social change?
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