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POLS 251 Lecture Notes - Social Movement Theory, Iranian Revolution

Political Studies
Course Code
POLS 251
David York

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Pols 251
Jan 30th 2013
Charles Kurzman (The Iranian Revolution) Discussion Questions
1. What is of central importance to Kurzman’s thesis regarding the study of the
Iranian Revolution? In other words, what differentiates his approach from the
others that we have studied to date?
Why social movements come about?
Objective ------------------ subjective ** important ** the “open door”
didn’t exist
Structure ------------------- agency
(Blumberg objective/given “doors open”)
(gay rights agency [stonewall])
We should focus on agency
- Macro – Blumberg (changing economics, feature of cotton industry)
- Meso – Women’s Movement (organizational networks, gay rights)
- Micro – Gay Rights (brothers and sisters)
New Social Movement Theory
- Cultural components
- What happens between individuals
2. The concept of “cognitive liberation” is a central one to the study. Explain
what it means and gauge its relevance to Kurzman’s study.
The “ahhah” moment
Recognition of different scenarios
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