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POLS 368 Lecture Notes - Huey P. Newton, Hans Morgenthau, Tet Offensive

Political Studies
Course Code
POLS 368
Martin Gaal

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Radicals and Liberal Democrats
11:33 AM
By 1968:
There was a confrontation between radicals and liberal Democrats.
Confrontations were typically and largely ideological.
There were lots of reasons as to why people opposed the war.
o The most significant, however, was on the streets of university campuses…
and all of this began at Berkeley.
A lot of people came to Berkeley from outside the city…
It's mainly because they were against the war?
The hippie types that came to Berkeley tried to force the U.S. government to end
its involvement in Vietnam.
Huey Newton
Placed in jail.
In part, the Black Panthers formed because of this event.
The longer the war went on, the more it became clear that it could become
Americans got worn out and some leading politicians came out against the war.
Tet Offensive
Military attacked all over South Vietnam.
Began in January 1968.
This would convince Johnson not to seek re-election.
This and student protests may have helped bring down Johnson administration.
What had become Johnson's war eventually became Nixon's war.
Hans Morgenthau
Strong critic of Vietnam War.
He liked to keep moral calculations out of international politics.
For him, the U.S. should not have been in Vietnam, as Vietnam was not vital to
U.S. interests.
Republicans broke into Watergate hotel to steal Democrat campaign's strategy
Also planned to break into psychologists/counsellor's office.
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