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POLS 375 Lecture Notes - Nuremberg Trials, Rwandan Genocide

Political Studies
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POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

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There was a sense that we should and could have done more.
This substantial role is going to mean a commitment of several hundred
The unit had just been cut and it lost about 1/4 of its size.
As a result, there was a sense of anger and morale.
U.S. troops flew the Confederate flag in some instances.
One of the big things for the U.S. was: discipline and morale problems.
Somalia's thieves begin raiding from the camp.
The Airborne itself is considered commandos and not peacekeepers.
Here in Canada, the Airborne regiment no longer exists.
An almost immediate 25% drop in funding from the Government
of Canada occurred.
The government was accused of using this to their advantage in
which they planned to make cuts across the board, due to an
impending credit downgrade?
One who was arrested was deemed unfit to stand trial, because
he attempted to kill himself.
Ambush planned by Canadian troops while waiting for the thieves.
There are two incidents involved with the Somali Affair:
One of the results:
Occurs in late 1993.
This is all too common when a country collapses.
Yugoslavia has collapsed, and their ethnic identity became paramount?
It was backed by Russia.
Croats want to force Serbs out, and the UN is tasked with protecting
a Serbian enclave in Croatia.
They couldn't use guns?
Croatia's army would build their army with supplies from the West?
Instead, Canada fires back and Croats withdraw after realizing that
they can't win against Canada.
The Croatians are hoping that the Canadians would not continue.
Canada moves forward.
However, this part would be worse: the Croats were stalling for time.
The village had been ethnically cleansing.
Despite their successful mission, this whole thing is kept away from
the press and is not revealed until years later.
The Canadian commander has a unique strategy: he calls all journalists
forward and announces that the Croats were violating ceasefire
agreements, thus making them look bad on TV.
The fighting in Yugoslavia
Medak Pocket
In 1999, Canada would be involved in this.
The NATO mission included a dozen of fighter planes (CF-18s).
This was seen as a successful Western attack with minimal resources.
NATO Air War on Serbia
800,000 were systematically killed, and the international community did…
Rwandan Genocide
A decade of fighting.
Post-Cold War Security
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