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POLS 375 Lecture Notes - Al-Qaeda, Asymmetric Warfare, Income Tax

Political Studies
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POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

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Came to rising because of the Soviets that made Afghanistan so bad due to
abuses, etc.
With American air support and commando forces, they quickly drive the Taliban
When it comes to actual warfare, as opposed to asymmetrical warfare.
Canada was looking for specific reasons: moral, etc.
In 2001, Canada considered sending troops to Afghanistan.
The odds of succeeding was always going to be low.
There was nothing to reconstruct when nothing was there.
The worst thing about Afghanistan in terms of Canada's involvement:
Canada wasn't invested in a meaningful way.
The reconstruction of countries like Japan and Germany involved war.
The primary reconstruction teams are completely and totally religiously
different, with the exception of Turkey, and they didn't do that much.
Income tax became a temporary measure… and then became
During World War II, the government stepped in and had price controls, etc.
Throw al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan.
Get rid of Osama bin Laden?
They were able to:
From a western perspective, in terms of realist security, Afghanistan was a
Troops that died?
The only way it would not be considered a success:
Up until Libya, Darfur is where R2P went to die.
China has a veto on the UN.
The Chinese have prevented any attempt from the international
community to intervene in Darfur.
Added to this, the fact that Americans are in war and Canada wasn't going
to go in itself, meant that nothing happened.
Canada got heavily involved in Libya.
The UN Security Council's resolution was to prevent the killing of civilians.
Instead, the NATO countries bombed Ghadhafi's compound?
By the very process of getting involved, they largely guaranteed that it
would never happen again.
Western intervention in Libya, were a betrayal of the security council…
When Syria broke out in an almost identical situation, and the UN has
refused to allow an intervention in any way, shape, or form in Syria.
The Taliban
March 6, 2013
9:30 AM
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