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POLS 375 Lecture Notes - Gulf War, Brezhnev Doctrine, Mikhail Gorbachev

Political Studies
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POLS 375
Jason Zorbas

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Would be less sharp during his second term.
Signs of Alzheimer's?
Would fall asleep.
He also proposed a withdrawal of nuclear weapons and Reagan
agreed to the idea of both countries withdrawing their nuclear
Reagan's advisors jumped on him, and the United States reneged on
the deal.
Both countries eventually agreed to reduce the amount of weapons
they had
Gorbachev, the Soviet leader, was willing to become more
accommodating to the U.S. in order to save cash money.
Reagan's second term was increasingly acceptable of the Soviets.
Ronald Reagan
Was Reagan's vice president and won the Republican nomination.
Bush would become the president for one term before losing to Bill Clinton.
Reagan picked him to be vice president.
Had fought Reagan for Republican nomination, but lost…
U.S. ambassador to UN.
Was not ideologue and had a lot of international experience:
George H. W. Bush
To Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, etc. and most of the Eastern European states.
It was fighting in Afghanistan, and it was getting expensive (almost as much as
Following the renunciation, they "encouraged" other countries to find
Soviet Union would renounce the Brezhnev Doctrine, which justified
intervention in other countries, such as Afghanistan.
Gorbachev did a number of things that would eventually bring down the Soviet
Soviet Union and political, military and economic commitments all over the world.
Reagan Administration and Beyond
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