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PSY 120 Lecture Notes - Cultural Psychology, Social Influence, Ethical Dilemma

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PSY 120
Donna Darbellay

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Psychology 110
Nov 24th 2009
Chapter Eight Behaviour in Social and Cultural Context
I. Introduction
A. Social psychology and cultural psychology Examining the powerful influence of the social and
cultural environment on the actions of individual and groups
B. Norms rules of how we are supposed to act. Reward and punishment is tied to them
- Deeply ingrained
- Example: we look people in the eye when speaking to them, Asian’s look down
- Asian’s spoil their children
- In Iraq they stand a lot closer during conversation than we Westerners do
C. Roles positions regulated by norms about how people in those positions should behave
D. Culture a program of shared rules that govern the behaviour of members of a community or
society, and set of values, beliefs, and attitudes shared by most of the members of that
II. Roles and Rules
A. The Obedience study by Milgram
- A study of Obedience
- Wanted to look at the effects of the social in obedience
1. Design and findings
a. Questions why do people obey an authority and violate their own ethical standards
b. Participants “learner” and “teacher”
- Thought they were in an experiment about learning
- Confederates “learner
- No one [“learner”] receive the shocks but the “teacher” thought they did
c. Shocks slight shock to dangerous shock
d. Results 67%, 2/3 obeyed the experimenter and gave the shocks
e. Subsequent studies found disobedience occurs when: - when did they disobey
i) If they can see the “learner” getting the shocks
ii) When the experimenter left the room they would deliver lower
levels claiming they did higher
iii) Two experimenters issued conflicting demands
iv) When the person giving was an average Joe
v) When the subject worked with peer who refuse to go further
- Sociocognitive
- Observational
- Situational
- Obedience
o victims response is not a factor
o The first cry would have stopped them
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