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Psychology 110 - September 10 2009.docx

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PSY 120
Donna Darbellay

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D. What does a Psychologist do?
1) Basic/Pure Recipical
- Knowledge for the sake of knowledge
ex) Peer influence on drugs, a fact Relationships
2) Applied
- Know so that I can use it, practical
ex) How can I use the fact that peers influence drugs to help people use the
drugs in the proper way
1. Academic Research/Teacher
- Non-clinical
- Usually basic, applied
- Some regulation certain amount of education before you can teach
- CPA Code of effics for the lab
2. Clinical Applied
- applied approach
- clinics, private practice, hospitals, prisons
- Regulation “if”
- licensed education, internship hours, EPPP, back ground check
- school psychologist, counselors, Social Worker, Confused with (psychotherapist [counsel],
3. Other
Sport industrial/organization
- in community
- consultant
- recommendation
- $, make a lot more money
Psychotherapist and psychiatrist are not under irregular bodies
Counselors advise
Psychologist works with patient
School advise/recommend
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