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PSY 120
Donna Darbellay

Psychology 110 September 8th 2009 a. Greek symbol for soul/spirit s p 1. Definition: the study of the behavior and mental processes and how they are affected by our physical state, out mental state and our external environment. 2. A science Critical thinking Research ampler 3. Pseudoscience – opinion 4. Critical thinking a) Ask questions (who, what, when, where, why, how) b) Communicate clearly – define terms - clarity c) examine the evidence - is there anything else that can cause this…. d) analysis assumptions and biases e) avoid emotionality (typical of teenagers) - emotion interferes with reason - takes logic off course – sought conformation (ex lottery – spending like crazy) f) Don’t over simplify - don’t make things less than they are g) consider alterative interpretations or explanations h) Tolerate – I know that I don’t know (not jump to conclusions) - be prepared to fail B. Psychology then: a short history 1) Great thinkers – arm chair lab - couch potato, relaxing, serene science, mice, experiments Greek philosophers - Aristotle – biologist Why? - Plato What is right? - Socrates (Socratic Reasoning) 2) Hippocrates – fonder medicine “do no harm” - head injuries Emotional changes - Gall (phrenology) 3) Wundt - combined medicine and philosophy - father of psychology 1 Psychology 110 September 8th 2009 - took psychology into the lab - studied sensation, perception (basic elements] 4) Structuralism - studied the basic elements of consciousness (things we are aware of, stimulation) - Asked the question what (what happens when you see this?) - Biological/structural - focusing on the sensation but can’t get any deeper 5) Functionalism - William James – Why (moved from what to why) - purpose (what is the purpose of things) - why did this happen, how did this happen - influence my Darwin – survival of the fittest - instinct - still in consciousness, sees it a
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