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Psychology 110 - September 10 2009.docx

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University of Saskatchewan
PSY 120
Donna Darbellay

1 | P a g e D. What does a Psychologist do? Approaches 1) Basic/Pure Recipical - Knowledge for the sakeof knowledge ex) Peer influenceon drugs, a fact Relationships 2) Applied - Knowso that Ican use it, practical ex) How can I usethe fact that peersinfluence drugsto helppeople use the drugs in theproper way Categories 1. Academic –Research/Teacher - Non-clinical - Usually basic, applied - Some regulation –certain amount of education before you can teach - CPA– Code of effics forthe lab 2. Clinical –Applied - applied approach - clinics,privatepractice,hospitals,prisons - Regulation – “if” - licensed – education, internship hours, EPPP, back ground check - school psychologist,counselors, Social Worker, Confused with (psychotherapist [counsel], psychiatrist[M.D]) Psychotherapist and psychiatrist are not under irregular bodies Counselors – advise Psychologist – works with patient School – advise/recommend 3. Other Sport –industrial/organization - incommunity - consultant - recommendation - $, make a lot more money 2 | P a g e Forensics (law) - not specially trained for - learnt on the job - Confidential material that goes into thepublicdomain E. Applied to you Understand self and other better complexity Human Person – changeperception - Dana – refammy – context - Tracy –Walking a
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