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PSY 120
Donna Darbellay

Correlation: Numerical 1 measure of the strength of the relation between two “things” Variable: the “things”, events, September 17, 2009 scores or anything that can be recorded or tallied Correlations Positive variable: high values  Occurs between sets of observations of one variable associated with high values of another, same as  Usually from many individuals or used to compare groups low values of a variable being associated with the low of  Can be positive or negative or none existent another Negative variable: high values of one variable associate with low values of another Independent variable: variable the experimenter manipulates Dependent Variable: the variable that the experimenter predicts will be affected by manipulations of the independent variable Experiment Experiment: a controlled test of a hypothesis in which the  Ideally everything in the experiment remains constant researcher manipulates one  Usually requires both an experimental and a compassion(control variable to discover its effect on another condition) Control Condition: in an  In the control condition participants are treated exactly as they experiment a comparison are in the experimental group except that they are not exposed to the condition in which participants same treatment or manipulation of the independent v
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