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PSY 120
Donna Darbellay

1 Psychology 110 April 01 2010 subtle and often disguised conflicts are repressed signs of these insight into Emotional resolved: conflict conflicts such conflicts release individual can lead a [revealed healthy life through free association] Psychodynamic theories... Psychodynamic: make unconscious conflicts conscious allowing insight and relief Cognitive-behavioural modification of specific behaviours or cognitive schemas Humanist providing a safe, non-judgemental setting Existential foster acceptance and responsibility and discovering of meaning family identify and change patterns of interacting that perpetuate problems in relationships  Evaluating psychotherapy: success of therapy depends on the quality of relationship between therapist and client 2 Psychology 110 April 01 2010 Ø Therapeutic alliance: bond of confidence and mutual understanding established between therapist and client, and allows them to work together to solve the clients problems Ø Cliental motivation is important Ø Cultural match “may” help, but may not  Scientist-practitioner gap: breach between scientists and therapists over different assumptions held by researchers and many clinicians regarding the value of empirical research for doing psychotherapy and assessing its effectiveness “efficacy – lab” Ø Many psychotherapists frustrated with the gap between the measure of a therapy in a lab and its application in life Ø Many researchers are concerned with improvisation that some therapist use can do harm to clients Ø “New” therapies  Gap has widened with the continued generation or “repackaging” of new therapies  Some claim to be highly successful, yet lack and empirical evidence to suggest they are any better than standardized techniques Ø Neurolinguistic programming [NLP] Ø Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing [EMDR] Ø Problems in assessing therapy  Economic pressures [insurers] require empirical assessment of therapies. Often use testimonials are problematic due to justification of effort effect
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