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PSY 120
Donna Darbellay

Psychology 110 1 January 07 2010 Lost my USB drive, these are textbook notes not lecture notes C. Reflective Judgment: the ultimate judgment to use in everyday life, but is rarely actually used 1. Critical Thinking: the ability to question assumptions, evaluate and integrate evidence, relate evidence in theory or opinion, consider alternate interpretations, and reach plausible or reasonable conclusions 2. Stages of Reflective Judgment a. Pre-reflective judgment: a correct answer always exists, authority and senses are how it is obtained b. Quasi-reflective: some things are not for sure known, reasons are needed to support judgment, and evidence is accepted ONLY if it fits beliefs. c. Reflective: not everything is known for sure, but some ideas are better than others. Evidence is accepted from many sources, and individuals are willing to reason dialectically. III. Barriers to Reasoning Rationally A. Exaggerating the Improbable: tendency to exaggerate the unlikely, leading to unrealistic fears 1. Availability heuristic a. The tendency to judge the probability of a type of event based on how easy it is to think of examples, tends to be tragic/negative 2. Affect heuristic: not in my text B. Avoiding loss a. People tend to go with the options that sound the best for them personally. If they are told either t
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