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PSY 120
Donna Darbellay

Psychology 110 1 January 14, 2010 V. Dissecting Intelligence: The Cognitive Approach A. Cognitive Approaches Emphasize Problem – Solving Strategies – How? - Examines the process of thinking - G-factor is incomplete, not the whole story, just an achievement measure – LIMITED B. Triarchic Theory of Intelligence - Three components of problem solving intelligence - Sternberg – 1988 1. Componential Intelligence: to identify, recognize and evaluate a. Internal three parts, looks at them i) Indentify you have a problem ii) Recognize the problem iii) Evaluate the problem b. Meta-cognition: thinking about the way I think i) You can change your strategy if it is ineffective ii) You can evaluate the strategies you are using iii) “Ignorance is Bliss” – low academic achievers have low meta-cognition 1. Low achievers overestimate how well they did on tests 2. High achieves underestimate how well they did on tests 2. Experiential Intelligence: ability to learn from your experiences a. If you are learning well you can transfer learning to new situations b. The better the experiential learning, the better ones self control – you can make yourself do what you have to do – coping is increased 3. Contextual/Tacit Intelligence: practical or applied intelligence a. Not formal learning, observational/vicariously b. Inferred c. Can adapt, change and modify the environment very well d. Prison – learnt how to manipulate their environment very well C. Domains of Intelligence: 1) Gardner’s multiple intelligences: many different types of intelligence Movie – Emotional Intelligence 1. Reptile brain – limbic system - Musical [Mozart], kinesthetic [Dancers] – 120 2. Reactivity – impulsive - Problem – “intelligence”? – It’s a talent not a mind factor 3. Learned 2) Emotional Intelligence: parallel to meta-cognition 4. Jake – checked out 5. Anger – express – body – kick a. Ability to: 6. Continuum i. Identify emotion accurately – mine and others 7. Left out – feel worse – downward ii. Express – language – articulate spiral 8. modeling 9. Reinforcement/punishment 10. TV/cell/video games – less social contact – socia
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