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University of Saskatchewan
PSY 120
Donna Darbellay

Psychology 111 March 4, 2010 i. Situations and social learning’s ii. Parental influences iii. Peer Influence  Conformity to dress, habits, language, and rules of peers can be highly influential  Identification with peer group is key to survival of the next generation [peer acceptance very important]  Peers shape expressions of a personality traits, with emphasis on some and downplaying others  Personality may also influences the types of pears we are drawn to in the first place Cultural influences Ø Culture: a program of shared rules that governs the behaviour of members of a community or society and a set of values, beliefs, and attitudes shared by more members of that community.  May be as influential as any biological process Ø Cultures, values, and traits  Individualistic cultures: cultures in which the self is regarded as autonomous, and individual goals and wishes are prized about duty and relations with others  Collective cultures: cultures in which the self is regarded as embedded in relationships, and harmony with ones group is prized about individual goals and wishes  We often make personal attributions for behaviour when they really result from cultural norms Ø Cleanliness, helpfulness, tardiness  Cultural differences in beliefs of personality stability across situations  Culture and aggression Ø Studies of male aggression have indicated that economics and culture play a role in expression of violence  Not just testosterone  Types of violence and reasons for violence differ  Culture of honour: culture in which even apparently small disputes and trivial insults threaten the reputation of an individual, family, or group, requiring a violent response to restore its status Psychology 1102 March 4, 2010  Research on cultures of honour and displays of aggression in response to being insulted  Evaluation cultural approaches Ø Individuals are affected by their culture, but they also vary within it  Can’t attribute any personality trait solely to cultural factors as not all members of culture display them the same [or at all]  Regional differences also exist within countries
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