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PSY 120
Donna Darbellay

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Psychology 110 1 Nov 24th 2009 Chapter EightBehaviour in Social and Cultural ContextI Introduction A Social psychology and cultural psychologyExamining the powerful influence of the social and cultural environment on the actions of individual and groupsB Normsrules of how we are supposed to act Reward and punishment is tied to themDeeply ingrainedExample we look people in the eye when speaking to them Asians look downAsians spoil their childrenIn Iraq they stand a lot closer during conversation than we Westerners do C Rolespositions regulated by norms about how people in those positions should behave D Culturea program of shared rules that govern the behaviour of members of a community or society and set of values beliefs and attitudes shared by most of the members of that communityII Roles and Rules A The Obedience study by MilgramA study of ObedienceWanted to look at the effects of the s
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