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PSY 120
Donna Darbellay

Psychology 110 1 December 1 2009 Chapter Eight IV. Individuals in groups a. Conformity – people in groups conform, taking action or adopting attitudes as a result of real or imagined group pressure a. North American – individual culture b. Asian – conformity c. Increase under conditions [peer pressure] d. Reasons – identity – acceptation [self interest] – avoid punishment e. Can be good i. Order ii. Reduce anxiety Do not loose M f. Can be bad critical thinking i. Lost individuality I ii. Cognitive dissonance b. Group think N a. Tendency for the group to think alike D b. Best decision is not always made c. Example – high school clicks – we tend to just conform L - teams d. An illusion E i. We think we all agree but deep down you really do not, you choose not to think S about it – lack of critical thinking e. Poor decisions – not usually a good outcome – can even be disastrous S c. The Anonymous crowd a. Bystander apathy – diffusion of responsibility N i. In organized or anonymous groups, the tendency of members to avoid taking E responsibility for actions decisions, assuming that others will do so b. Social Loafing – each member of the team slows down causing others to work harder S i. Occurs when individual members are not accountable for the work they do c. Deindividuation – in group
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