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PSY 120
Donna Darbellay

1 Psychology 110 September 15, 2009 a)Scientific method = a goal, systematic investigation of a true relationship (causal) 1) theoretical/general hypothesis relationship between 2 variables independent [manipulate] and dependent [ behavior] Dependent - changes depend on the change in the independent variable 2) Hypothesis -specific statement about the relation between the IV and DV h1 - alternative/experiment -predicts Ritalin & ADHD Symptoms h0 - null hypothesis - "0" effect -mutually exclusive h1 can't be true if H0 is true Prove Ho is false want h1 - statistically significant dull (H1 - effect) (h0 - no effect) 3) Collect and analyze data - [make an conclusion] - No conclusion but some effect, not statisticly significant 4) Share the results -especially if I got no effect - To examine the possibility that there is an effect but I didn't get it - Another variable - Representative sample - normal dist - Re-test - refine the hypothesis *to be able to generalize* b) Descriptive Research - no manipulation 3 - don't know enough about the variables - can't manipulate - unethical - can't identify the cause, causal relationship 1) Case Study -Detailed observation over a long period of time of an individual, a group, or a phenomena - Anna O - no manipulation - collect and record - no generalization, no conclusions - not representative, no manipulation ex) Genie - locked up and tied to her potty chair for a long period of time -behaviors - Speech - Attack - Physical disabilities - can't conclude on Genie alone Feral Children - left and raised by animals - Difficulty developing language - walks how they were raised - Happy & avoidant (uncomfortable of other people) - look for relationships and refine even further - lays foundation for future research, and lays a way of things we can't study ephically 2) Observational Research - Systematic -Two kinds 1) Naturalistic - in the primary enviroment, do not remove the individual from their enviroment - possibility of being observed - ex) pub - people drink more in a group than you would drink
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