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Lecture 47

PSY 121 Lecture 47: Lec47

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PSY 121
Rempel Martin

Are You a “Lark” or an “Owl”? • Circadian rhythms differ due to genetics • Variation of a single gene can determine chronotype – “lark”: early riser, most alert in the morning – “owl”: stay up late, sleep late, do best work at night • Chronotype may change with age Moods and Long-term Rhythms • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – A disorder in which a person experiences depression during the winter and an improvement of mood in the spring – Treatments may involve phototherapy or exposure to fluorescent light – Inconsistent findings with respect to prevalence (2 – 20%) and effectiveness of treatments Moods & Menstrual Cycles • “Premenstrual syndrome” (PMS) – Vague cluster of physical & emotional symptoms associated with the days preceding menstruation that was labeled as an ‘illness’ – Physical symptoms (e.g., cramps, water retention) are common – Emotional symptoms (e.g., irritability, depression) are rare Moods, PMS, & Research • Estimates of prevalence range from 13% to “most women” • Expectations and beliefs may be related to PMS symptom reporting • Evidence supports that women often experience physical symptoms, but emotional sy
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