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Religious Studies
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RLST 112
Robert Kennedy

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thNotes for RLST 110 61 for Tues Jan 17121 Way to remember the Upanishads1 Brahman 2 Samara 3 Karma 4 Reincarnation 5 That thou artatman is Brahman 6 Liberationmoksha dont think of it as different lives but rather as different cycles of life once you have reached the stage of Brahman and realize ur true self you will be allowed to pass into heaven Path of ActionWords karma marga Vedas Path of Knowledge jnana marga Upanishads Path of Devotion bhakti marga classical era some ppl use only one strand and others take parts of both all three strandsnot going to be asked one of the words in brackets rather path ofit is easier to follow a deity rather than study philosophyClassical Era450 BCE6000 CE 1 Shruti and Smriti shrutithat which is heard smritithat which is rememberedB the imitation of Christ The shruti is more popular philosophically and the smriti affects the ppl more directly Three Main Types of Smriti in Classical Hinduism Most likely to effect the ppls lives 3 types1 Epics Ramayana sMahabharata Krishna 2 Law Codes add a lot or detail to the amount of works code of manu 1000 jati
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