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University of Saskatchewan
Religious Studies
RLST 112
Robert Kennedy

thNotes for RLST 110 61 for Thurs Jan 19121Know 7 types of literature1 SamhitasVerdasdiscuss the idea of the rituals2 Brahmanasthese became so important that they eventually became more important than the rituals themselves3 Aranyakascycles of life4 Upanishadslevels of karma and reincarceration 5 EpicsBhagavad Gitagrace Brahma and Krishna6 Law Codeshow we are going to order our self today in society 7 Puranascosmologies Vinishads through these things you can essentially develop the history of HinduismArjuna and Krishnab kalinecklace of skulls with bld dripping down she doesnt kill ppl only demons she kills the things within you that you dont likeex greed lust ego and other negative qualities etc always demonstrates motherly loveabstract way of viewing her as a god of lovethose who hang onto their evil see her as an inconvenience and not helpful if you hang onto ur pride then u dont like what Kali has to offerin fact she is one of the strongest goddesses around bc by killing the evil we can experience great liberation we want to experience our atman hang onto our ego she is associated with the cremation groundsconstant reminder that we are not our body bc that would mean that we die with our bodyc Durgabeauty and warrior if we desire beauty and we want beauty then we go to that god like Kali she too is a warrior she defends us from weapons by carrying weapons often seen riding a lion Other godsgoddessesaGanesha elephant head under his foot is a louis mouse some view the mouse ashelper bc if u have a lil issue the mouse can gnaw thru it for you ex of weakness bc its one sec away from being squished not true bc Ganesha would never do that you see it how u see it bc there is no right or wrong answerreason for diff views of Hinduismmany lives
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