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Religious Studies
RLST 112
Robert Kennedy

thNotes for RLST 110 61 for Thurs Jan 26121Modern Hinduism 5 Mahatma Gandhi 18691948 Mahatmagreat soulnot his real name he was still active during the time he was assonated not always an outstanding personhe failed out of college in India was sent over to England to study lawcouldnt find a job when he came back to India18911915 went to South Africa which is where he gained his views WW1 Gandhi said fight for the Britishcontradicts idea of peacewhen he was there he experienced racismkicked off the bus bc he refused to sit in the coloured ppls area he was also beat upblacked outassociated it with deathno more fear1 Satyagraha nonviolent resistance hated being called a pacifist against justice he said If someone has to suffer justice in order to experience justice let me be that person to suffer we have to ultimately live here togetherwe have to learn to live togetherMartin Luther King Jr followed Gandhihis dream was that all ppl of all colour would be able to live togetherNelson Mandela also followed him he liked Jesus Sermon on the MountGandhi was given credit for putting this teaching together2 Swadeshinot love ur neighbourit means love ur neighbourhoodeconomics buy locally attitudebc of the influence of the British at that timeex limited resources in SKGandhi would say live with it canned veggiesfrozen goodslimitcottage industry we may not be living in modern time but we would be living sustainablysocial serve locallyex everyone gave to Haiti during the time of the earthquake but not to the thhungry ppl on 20 street back home in Saskatoon
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