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Religious Studies
RLST 112
Robert Kennedy

ndNotes for RLST 110 61 for Thurs Feb 21217 Right Mindfulnessa present momentstop the mind from wondering around and train itb transiency of lifethe shortness and the fact that its not going to last forever cant count on life bc it doesnt last foreverrotting bodieslack of retirement funds c inner impulseswant to be able to recognize it right away be able to state ur state of mind ex I am angry though you may not want to admit it 8 Right Concentration there are over 1000 ways to meditate in ex TibetThis is just one exampleone of the earliest forms a Bodybreathingfocusing on the air that goes in through ur nostrils and the warm air that comes out and the diff areas that it hits when it comes out posturesthe back locust positionrepulsivenesscemetery exercisefocusing on the idea of how dirty the body isex how the hairs on the body carry germs the bodily fluids the organs in the bodyby focusing on these diff things ur mind is solely focused on this and does not wonder else where b feelingspleasedunpleasedmentalfleshlyspiritual mental c mindclarity how prepared is it to receive the truths of the present knowing capacity how aware are we about the things that we perceived Mental Qualities 90 or more of the stuff that we do5 Hindrances sensual desire anger slothboredom too laid back restlessness and worry too activedoubt
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