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University of Saskatchewan
Religious Studies
RLST 112
Robert Kennedy

thNotes for RLST 110 61 for Tues Feb 71214 Notes Theravada Buddhism cont 3 Meditation2 types of meditation a SamathaSamadhiconcentration calmness b Vipassanainsight all of the diff things you can focus on when u meditatedone in a diff way than Samatha many ppl think that we need to do the Vipassana controversy around which one or combo of which should be practicedlearn not to be worried despite the concern u may hold4 ArhatArahatmonkssangha enlightened one the Buddhathe term Arhat is used to stress the process they went through2 class societyif ur not a monk then u wont be able to get nirvana in this life time What are the rest of us going to do 5 Devotion reverence offerings to Buddha temples shrinesthere are 55 million Buddhas in Thailand and 1million monks in the south Asiagood rebirthThailand is prob the biggest Theravada country in the world some in Asia too relicsthe monks teach and hold festivals in hopes to get good crops for the yrin India Buddhism is not very dominant bc when Hinduism took over they took out the Buddhist temples then Hinduism began to take over6 Human Dilemma and Solutionwant to promote the impermanence is key to living a successful life ex we have not been sitting in our chair the whole time despite the fact that we think we have
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