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Religious Studies
RLST 112
Robert Kennedy

stNotes for RLST 110 61 for Tues March 1121Chinese Religions 1Background Ultimate question How should I live well 1 Shang Dynasty 17511045 BCEapprox when they developed the art of writing a Shang Di Theocracy Lord of Heavenrules the emperorssacrificespretty regular how the ruler kept sacrifices was how they kept the pplb Ancestor Worshipnot necessarily ancestor privilege had to do everything to promote their greatness c Divinationa fast track of knowing the future omensox bones come with question ex Is this a good time to start my crops the interpreter not necessarily shamans would throw the bone in the fire and write the stanswer on it for u to take it home1 form of writingesp for rulers2 Zhou Dynasty 1045256 BCEa Mandate to Heaven unconditional ex the prof requiring a 20 bill with our essay if we wanted a good grade or conditional profs rite to be here is conditional on how he actstreats his students bc they also have rightsneeded gods approval to rule in the BCE era China had a law that stated that they need to be treated fairly otherwise they have the right to overthrow their gov for anotherb Tion Tiennew god universal moral authority in part of their understanding of godrewardsjust ritualsgod must love the common ppl cuz he made so many of themwe must do on earth as god lives in heavencant say that too stronglywe need to live our lives justly and morally
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