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University of Saskatchewan
Religious Studies
RLST 112
Robert Kennedy

thNotes for RLST 110 61 for Tues March61212 Notes Confucius cont 4 you can have all the rules you want however those rules might not be followedb Renjen inner attitude to want to the right thing aka humanness inner where education comes into play ex fine art learning poetrywilling to do Li c Shusilver rule is the golden rule but stated in the negative dont treat others how you dont want to be treatedgeneral rule treat others well What are these rules grounded inDaothe way of Heaven Dao of Tianmandate of Heaven Tianethical justPlatos idea to discern the good Confucius wont do away with the rules even though they might not be doing any good we are responsible for ordering everything on earth it is up to use to align ourselves with it thru ex Rennot determinismhe believes that Heaven is good in the end the long runIs this religion or is it political philosophy it depends what you determine as religion bc he does believe that we are trying to do gods will on earth do good to others etc ppl are going to get offended if u dont keep these hierarchies in order3 notes Confucianismderived from Mozi Master Mo 480392 BCEit gave Confucianism a run for its money but ended up loosingBook of MoziTen Doctrines12 Elevated the virtuous actsI dont care who you are or where you come from I am just going to take you on ur meritsequal chance for advancement
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