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University of Saskatchewan
Religious Studies
RLST 112
Robert Kennedy

thNotes for RLST 110 61 for Thurs March8121 4 notes Xun ZiI Xun Zi 312210 BCEa Heavenno ultimate realitymatterphysicist he doesnt believe that there is a god to interfere with the earthuse own reasoningex instead of blaming the heavens for the famine he thought of stocking up on food no causal relation btwn heavensearth b Human Natureessentially bad what gets him kicked out bc they think it is good it is not natural for us to do the kinds of things that Confucius would want us to do which would make us ethically goodhe focuses on how our minds connect with our wants when we see it we want it he really stresses education bc it improves us human nature vs civilizationeducation is important cuz it will train us how to treat othersc Rituals likeep promotewe are just going to do it so we learn how to control our emotions ex those in the military are drilled with skills so they wont be distracted during ex war when bullets are being fired at them educationalneed to be disciplined and learn how to control our emotionsII The LegalismRealism use laws to discipline only concerned with how do I get and how do I keep power Machiavellis The Prince Hanfeizi280233 BCE essentially say that the end justifies the means he essentially writes the whole book to the rulerspunish HARD
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