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University of Saskatchewan
Religious Studies
RLST 112
Robert Kennedy

thNotes for RLST 110 61 for Tues March201217 Notes Religious Daoism Religious Daoism is a part of the whole thing the same way that the human sacrifice is the same for ChristiansI Originsleast by 440 CE bc by then it was adopted as one of the Chinese religionsII Heavenly Masters a Yellow Turban Movement was a movement to overthrow the emperor 184 CE eschatologicalpreached that the present world was going to end and that the messiah was going to come and that the Peace Movement was going to comeClassic of Great Peace was put into the Cannonb a pec is 1 of a bushel aka way of the Heavenly Masterseschatological libationersPurist style strict moralityex the pastor would stand on an extremely high pulpit and look down over the congregation as they read out the accusations of the congregation members that the moral police reportedsouls of dead rites sexual danceIII Quest for Immortality the future the end timetalk about an end time that we would be a part oftake the scripture literally orderpurifybuild chiqionly way to live eternally is to maximize ur chi Ways to do this a Inner Alchemy combining 2 things to produce something ex combining 2 metals together1 Breath controlthe kind of breath control that controls ur chi aka womb breathinginner breathing no external breathing bc all the stuff u need is insideu dont need to breath in external air or anything from ur surroundingsbreath as quietly as possible at all times
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