RLST 110

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21 Mar 2012

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Notes for RLST 110 (61) for Tues. March.20th/12 1
#7 Notes: Religious Daoism
-Religious Daoism is a part of the whole thing the same way that the human sacrifice is the same
for Christians
I. Origins @ least by 440 C.E. b/c by then it was adopted as one of the Chinese religions
II. Heavenly Masters:
a) Yellow Turban Movement was a movement to overthrow the emperor -184 C.E.
-preached that the present world was going to end and that the messiah was going to come and
that the Peace Movement was going to come
-Classic of Great Peace was put into the Cannon
b) a pec is 1¼ of a bushel aka way of the Heavenly Masters
-Purist style: strict morality-ex. the pastor would stand on an extremely high pulpit, and look
down over the congregation as they read out the accusations of the congregation members that
the moral police reported
-souls of dead rites
-sexual dance
III. Quest for Immortality the future the end time->talk about an end time that we would be a
part of
-take the scripture literally
-order/purify/build chi/qi->only way to live eternally is to maximize ur chi
->Ways to do this:
a) Inner Alchemy= combining 2 things to produce something, ex. combining 2 metals together
1) Breath control-the kind of breath control that controls ur chi aka womb breathing->inner
breathing no external breathing b/c all the stuff u need is inside .: u don‟t need to breath in
external air or anything from ur surroundings
-breath as quietly as possible at all times
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