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RLST 110

Religious Studies
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RLST 112
Robert Kennedy

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Notes for RLST 110 (61) for Thurs. March.22nd/12 1
Final Exam:
Buddhist options:
1) Comprehensive overview of Buddhism.
Chinese Religions options:
1) Comprehensive overview of Chinese religion.
-ea. section will have 3 choices you can choose from, ea. of these questions will be guaranteed
on the exam
-the final exam is worth 30% of the final grade->ex. question will be worth 25%
-40 multiple choice and 3 essay questions
# 8 Notes: Folk Religion
1) Definition
-there are authority figures in the folk religions but not distinct as in the other religions
2) Antiquity
-ancestor veneration
a) Spirit Mediums:
-communist China doesn‟t like religion all together, .: they don‟t like to let in scholars so the best
way to get info is to go next door (Singapore-for spirit mediums)
-divining youths
-spirit possession-they think that the power of the spirit is in the bld-that is why they slice their
tongue with their sword->the bld is used to pass on the spirit power->consequently u don‟t live
very long (reason why they are called the divining youths)
-when in this state they are considered spirits elevated beyond spirit beings
b) Divination
-over time they have turned over to relying on ur own powers kind of like in the west
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