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RLST 110

Religious Studies
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RLST 112
Robert Kennedy

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Notes for RLST 110 (61) for Tues. March.27th/12 1
Final exam:
1) 40 multiple choice (1 mark each):
-10 will be from the text
-5 will be from Sikhism
2) 3 essay questions (60 marks):
a) Buddhism (25 marks)-3 choices
b) Chinese Religions (25 marks)-3choices
c) Comprehensive of the whole year (10 marks)
->reflect on the whole yr. ex. Ninian Smarts suggests that there are 6 diff aspects that
make up a religion, is he right? Ex. We divided the eastern and western religions up-do you think
we did this for a specific geographical reason?
Sikhism-Doctrines and Rituals
-pronounced seekism in English-pronounced sickism in India but purposely pronounced wrong
otherwise bad connotation
A. Ultimate Reality: God
-16th century C.E. only 500 yrs. old->relatively new religion
-the Muslims built partly on Hinduism-however they do not believe so, instead they believe that
it originated on its own
-Kabir-1140-1518 C.E. ->„Sant‟
1) Bhakti tradition
2) Tantric yoga-breath; bodily posture; meditation->doesn‟t necessarily mean that they practice
3) Mysticism-Sufi
->brought all of these things into his own religion-he also learned from the Shramatic? Religion
->focused on an inner spirituality
-founder of Sikhism is: Guru Nanak-in Sikhism there is only one guru and is viewed more as a
Notes for RLST 110 (61) for Tues. March.27th/12 2
THE spiritual leader of Sikhs:
-10 human gurus
-found in 1469 C.E.
- ~30 yr. old
-one god
-took same approach as Buddha-he took a trek all around
-deliberately dressed strangely-there is a way to dress as a Hindu and as a Muslim so he dressed
half and half ->good opportunity to share beliefs when asked about clothing
-Sikhism is predominate in the Punjab region
-“Love the Lord your God”-the Sikhs motto if any
-they: study, meditate/pray, love of God-all times, and service their God/word
-don‟t make an idle of the scripture->be inspired by the god->what it means to be a guru
Other Gurus:
-there were 10 human gurus at all times
3rd guru Amar Das began „Adi Granth‟ (scriptures); parishes, established rituals-basically built
a liturgical yr.
4th guru-Ram Das Amritssar; guru hereditary
5th guru-Arjan-built the Golden Temple in Amritssar; competed by Adi Granth
10th guru-Gobind Singh
1699-five brave men who had sacrificed themselves to be martyred for their faith-not
killed (only goat bld)-but did show their courage->became known as the Khalsa Society:
morality issues: -no smoking
-no eating “Muslim” meat-the way they kill the animals is to let the bld
drain out otherwise the bld is frozen in the veins of the animal if killed
-no marrying/sex with Muslims
Notes for RLST 110 (61) for Tues. March.27th/12 3
Five K‟s:
1) Uncut hair
2) Always keep a comb with you-to keep self in order and for cleanliness
3) Dagger-ready to kill sin
4) Wrist band on ur hand-think about all the sins u could commit-so many are done with ur
hands->reminder is this an appropriate thing or person to do this activity with->check
5) Underpants-same reminder as #4
-there was a trial where the Sikhs won-it was ruled that the Sikh RCMP officers were able to
wear their turbans rather than the Mounty hat
->if you had one bedroom in ur house devoted to Adi Garnth, it would be a gurdwara
-one of the main things about castes is that u can‟t eat together->not true in Sikhism-we all eat
together, in order to show equality everyone sits together on the floor
->they are allowed to eat meat however they never prepare it for fear that someone is
-b4 Singh died he said that the Adi Granth is now ur guru
-Ranjit Singh-Sikh Kingdom-1780-1839-(Punjab)-their goal
-British defeated them in 1839->the Sikhs took it rather well b/c they realized that they were
being treated fairly so they joined the British army
-1947-Indian independence-India (Hindus) and Pakistan (Muslims) <-totally ignored
-consequently 250,000 Sikhs had to give up their faith
-Lahore is an important city in Pakistan that was a part of this history