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SOC 214
Lisa Broda

Sociology 214 1 Feb 3rd 2012 We’ll discuss “The Social Construction of Drug Scares” on Monday Functions of Deviance from Structural Functionalism Perspective  A functionalist perspective argues that deviance, crime, and punishment are universal and persistent features of society  Challenges us to look at latent consequences  Positive functions include consequences of deviant that benefit society from a functional perspective: (5) i. Promotes integration of members of society --- makes us closers as a group, supports laws, creates a greater call of society in order to strengthen or reinforce the laws ii. Clarification of rules – renew calls for norms, rules, or policy clarification. iii. Testing of rules – every society has rules but they are not always all good – ex: pot, downloading/uploading movies/music iv. Safety valve – we go out and do deviant things as a break from our normal life v. Raising the value of conformity – punishment or control perspective, if we don’t see people punished people are less likely to conform, penalties outweigh rewards vi. Early warning signs – for major outbreaks of crime or problems in social order vii. Provides a vehicle for social flexibility and change -- society has a capacity for change over time  Negative Effects of Social control i. Too much regulation ii. Regulation that enables one group power over another iii. Regulation intended to reduce one problem may create others – ex: decimalization of prostitution iv. The treatment of deviants = reduced motivation to conform Conflict Theory  Karl Marx – rise of the industrial revolution and development of capitalism ◊ Society was characterised by the intense conflict among groups in order to get resources ◊ Conflict Theory views societies as composed of groups/classes ◊ The powerful group = the capitalists, or the upper class, or bourgeoisie who control wealth and political realm ◊ Focus: exploitation of labour, workers and difference between owning and not owning Sociology 214 2
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