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SOC 214
Lisa Broda

Sociology 214 1 Feb 06 2012 The Practice of ‘Deviance’ Substance Abuse  Defining “substance abuse” is difficult – what does the term “abuse’ really mean  Does it be psychological, physical …  What is addiction? A behavioural pattern of drug/alcohol use that has  an extreme involvement with the use of alcohol/drug  securing supply of alcohol/drugs  increased high risk of relapse after withdrawal  Who sets the standards? Examining substance Use/Regulation - labeling of substance users - social control and regulation of substances - moral panics related to substance abuse – moral panics serving as a social control method Role of Intoxication/Inebriation  the distinctive but related aspects  bio-chemical: drug/alcohol has power to alter our perception of the world  it relaxes us  lower our inhibitions  may cause other psychoactive experiences  socio-cultural: social uses and reactions of drugs/alcohol vary historically  contextual thing  varies universally in extent that it varies culturally  generational, context over time  situationally – dependent on the rules around it  drug and alcohol use will vary universally and situationally over time  vary in what we, as a society, accept and reject use Substance abuse and social control ideas - Comparisons across Canada, USA, and England resulted in different responses to issues of drug abuse [from a
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