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Soc 214 1 Feb 13 2012 Midterm Chapters 1-3 Two essay questions, choose them Know the material, step back and think about it Compare and contrast: tell about each part and then compare Sex, gender, sexuality. What’s the difference?  There is a discourse to what these words mean  There has been a shift throughout history, started with women wanting to be seen as a human and it continued onto sexuality rights  Sex Differences: the biological differences between males and females  Sociologically speaking, when we talk about ‘Sex’ this is what we are referring to  Gender Differences: ascribed by society and relate to our expected social roles  Gender Roles: learned and socially constructed, social doing  About creating/constructing differences between men and women  Therefore, how we understand sexuality must be explored to do such What constitutes sexuality?  Sexuality is constructed  Meaning of sexuality is rendered “good” or “bad”  Heterosexual and ho
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