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SOC 214
Lisa Broda

Sociology 214 1 Feb 8th 2012 Substance Abuse Panics – Social Construction of Drug Scares  Reefer madness – 30’s  Created a panic and go people scared about the use of pot, would make people violent  LSD – 60’s  Understanding Marijuana became different  PCP – 70’s  Crack cocaine and Ecstasy in the 80’s and 90’s  Crack cocaine – lower class use  Meth-Amphetamine 2000’s +  Poor man’s coke  Moral entrepreneurs -- Those who have the power and resources to create a panic  Goal: to influence society to adopt a rule, norm, law. Rile enforcer or creator.  Silences and marginalizes those who this may affect  Cohen – moral panics The Models of Panic 1. The Grassroots model: panic originates with us as the general public - generates concern from public, even if mistaken, about a value based issue - is generally widespread and has the attention of society in general - comes to the attention of the media, politicians, political action groups, and law enforcement - examples o 60’s in France, sex slave abduction o Salam witch trials o Nuclear plant in Saskatchewan 2. The Elite Engineered Model: ruling class orchestrates moral panics - Wealthy class (power) consciously undertake campaigns to generate concern - This generally includes issues that are regarded as terribly harmful to society - Focus is to divert attention from the real problems – ignore solutions that would not be helpful to the elite - Control the media, and wiled it to their own - Hand in laws and law enforcement - Influence public opinion, by holding resources that others need to solve some of the problems - Examples o War on drugs in the 80’s Sociology 214 2 Feb 8th 2012 3. Interest Group Model: involve rule creators and moral entrepreneurs who advance their interests – smaller scale - use panic over issues to ensure certain rules take hold and are enforced - can be a grassroots initiation, but appropriates its intentions for the interests of the group Characteristics of Moral Panics i. Concern: for the issues amongst the public ii. Hostility: ‘us’ vs.’ t
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