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SOC 214
Lisa Broda

Soc 214 1 January 6th 2012 Housekeeping: Read: Images of Deviance by Stephen Pfohl Implications of reactions to deviant behaviour - Negative reactions occur because of societies and peoples interpretation of what they are view as wrong o Promote and implement mechanisms of social control - Social control: refers to how societies gain consent or get people to follow norms of their society o Mechanisms of social control vary in intensity from mild to severe, internal (peers), external (institutions), informal and formal  Informal control: negative reactions that are mild in nature, often inflicted by others in society  Formal control: negative reactions that are considered severe and enforced by person of authority o Social control is an inseparable part of deviation Issues defining deviance  Objectivists view deviance as the violation of pre-existing norms  Subjectivists emphasize that norms are created or socially constructed by the consensus of others – society  Humanists view deviance as that which is in the eye of the beholder The process of social typing (st) - Understanding deviance/control takes on a subjectively problematic approach - Social typing: based on social definitions created by society - Social definitions vs. social construction o Social definitions: a process of description, evaluation, and prescription 9of reaction) o Social construction: construction is composed of: 1. Multi-cultural processes: beliefs, ideologies, and values of social system influence our meanings and definitions 2. Institutional processes: system/str
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