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SOC 214
Lisa Broda

Sociology 214 1 Jan 9th 2012 Core issues in study of deviance  The behaviour of people called deviant o Who is doing what?  The rules and standards that define deviance o Who makes the rules/why? o What is the effect?  Methodology in researching/studying deviance o What methods are used to accomplish this? Why study deviance/control issues? - Vicarious experience - Reforming impulse - Self-protection and sophistication - Understanding oneself and others - Intellectual curiosity - Each plays a role in how we approach the study of deviance and control Historic explanations of deviance issues and control Demonic perspectives (450-1100AD) - Deviance is deemed to be caused by forces in the supernatural realm - Justice was swift and severe, not formal - The ‘deviant’ was the vehicle in which the demon or devil worked - Social control of ‘demonic deviants’ was harsh and cruel - Non-scientific ideologies Classical perspective of deviance/control [17-1800s] - The enlightenment brought a shift in ideologies on the view of ‘deviance’ - Church lost its hold, deviants were no longer possessed - A deviant became one whose self-interest was not constrained by his/her expectation of cost = hedonism o Hedonism: the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the highest good. - View of deviance was that behaviour was a ‘rational calculation’ – based on the idea of free will - More humane punishment - Renaissance/ period of enlightenment = rational explanation to crime and punishment Sociology 214 2 Jan 9th 2012 - Concept of utilitarianism = premised on idea that punishment is useful, rational, and reasonable Cesare Beccaria [1738-1794]  Most influential scholar in the evolution of justice and for
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